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The Gems Collection at Veralet is the Destination for the Finest Gemstone Vintage Watches

The Gems Collection

 The destination for incredible vintage watches with beautiful gemstone dials from some of our favorite brands.
Our Rolex 18K Yellow Gold GMT Master Concorde led us along this journey to Veralet.

The GMT Master

Our passion and fascination with the GMT Master is stronger than ever.
Rolex 1980's Stainless Steel Submariner Watch. The perfect watch to fit your lifestyle

Featured Collections

Our goal in designing our website was to present a fun and fresh way to purchase a vintage watch.
We shared our view and the value factors of vintage watches on a trip to Palm Beach. Florida

The Vintage Proposition

“So why vintage? Everyone seems to want the new ones.”
Vintage watches are a good investment. But the investment is in yourself. We like Vintage Gold Da-Date Presidential Watches.

Are Watches a Good Investment? Part II

When buying a watch, you are not just purchasing another asset. You are investing in yourself.
 I view watches as a vehicle to express myself. I love a nice oversized Rolex Watch to stand out.

Why I Wear a Men’s Watch

Whether you gravitate towards more ladylike looks, bold outfits, or a minimalistic uniform, there is a place in your wardrobe for a larger watch.